Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day

Last Friday, the weather got pretty bad. Freezing rain. Patches of ice in the parking lot at work. The public & private schools made the call at 5am to close on Friday. Thankfully, Addison's preschool was still open. We ended up closing the office early so that everyone could get home safely.  

Saturday morning, the meteorologists on our local news channels started talking about how we would have more of the same, if not worse, weather on Tuesday & Wednesday of this week. First thing Monday morning, the office was buzzing with talk of whether or not the schools would be open and if we would be closing or not. Around mid morning, the calls started coming in that the parish school board had closed school for Tuesday and Wednesday. At 3pm, I got the email from Addison's preschool saying they'd be closed as well. The company then sent out an email saying we'd be closed on Tuesday but open up at 10am this morning.

Tuesday wasn't so bad...Michael went into work and Addison and I had a decent morning coloring, playing with her kitchen, and reading every book on her bookshelf. By mid-afternoon, the rain started and when Michael got home, it had started sleeting. All the while Addison was yelling out the back door "Frosty come on! Please Frosty!" By the time we went to sleep, the ice had started to accumulate and we woke up to an ice filled yard with icicles hanging from the eaves of the house.
Emails & texts were flying this morning about whether or not our office should open at 10am. The state police were asking drivers to stay off the roads since the temperatures did not get warm enough to melt the ice on the roadways. Plus, a lot of the major bridges and interstates were still closed. The decision was made to close our office for the rest of the day. Michael decided to go into work, and he said the roads were extremely bad with the icy conditions.

I had brought a bit of work home with, since it is tax season and all. Deadlines don't get pushed back for ice storms! It's like Addison knew I had to do some work because she was ready to go from the moment she woke up this morning! It was supposed to be "pajama day" at school today so I declared it pajama day at home as well! We were already playing dress up at 7am! 

We watched A LOT of television, including The Little Mermaid approximately 86 times. We baked cupcakes. We played dress up again. And we fought our sleep....which means I got very little work done! 

Every.Single.Time. she would start fading into sleepiness (see picture above), she would pop up and run around like a crazy child (or a sleep deprived two year old). 

I made last minute plans to meet a new friend at Body Pump this evening, so as soon as Michael got home, I was out the door to the gym! I haven't done Body Pump in FIVE years! Actually, the last time I did Body Pump was the last time NOLA got snow! So, I'm pretty sure I won't be able to walk tomorrow. Or Friday for that matter. 

And if you're wondering, there are more changes in the weather forecast. It's supposed to be 70 degrees & rainy this weekend! Go figure! 


  1. that weather storm was a doozy! we got naps after 5:00 both days. le sigh! LOL

    today's weather isn't much better. so gross!

  2. The Little Mermaid is one of my favorites!