Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The return of the sickies

We had a pretty good run for exactly one month where we didn't have to visit the pediatrician.

We went for a follow up appointment for ear infection #3 the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and thankfully, Addie's ears were all clear.

We didn't end up back at the doctor's until the Thursday after Christmas when Addie was diagnosed with ear infection #4.

Six days ago, we went back for a follow up & the pediatrician said her ears looked great!

Over the last couple of days, she developed a cough, which wasn't improving and her appetite was almost non-existent.

Since she didn't have fever, I wasn't sure if we should take her or not because I didn't want to risk her contracting something else while sitting in the waiting room.

We decided it would be best to get her checked out to make sure nothing more serious was going on.

I always get worried about her lungs when she starts coughing a lot. Plus, a note was sent home that a child in her class was diagnosed with the flu.

We got in to see one of the nurse practitioners this afternoon. She immediately ruled out the flu (for now) since she didn't have fever, and she wasn't really displaying any of the other symptoms associated with it. Since she wasn't having trouble breathing, she decided not to test for RSV.

Her lungs sounded clear and even though her ears did not look terrible right now, it did appear that an ear infection could possibly be brewing in her right ear.

She suggested we take a "watch and wait" approach right now. Continue to treat the symptoms, look for the signs she displayed with her prior ear infections, and if her temperature were to spike or she begins to have trouble breathing, to call her back immediately.

It was a relief to know that as of right now, we aren't looking at anything too serious. I still hate to see my baby girl not feeling well though.

We did leave with a referral to an ENT since she's had multiple ear infections in the last few months. I will call tomorrow to make the next available consultation appointment.

I know I can't be the only one ready for cold/flu season over...


  1. I am always ready for sick season to be over with! There is a pretty decent ENT right near her school, Dr. Bradford. I've seen him several times!

  2. Ben's had a cough for over two months--we've been to the doctor several times, taken an antibiotic, etc. Basically, we just have to ride it out. It's definitely not fun. Hope Addie feels better soon!

  3. i always get nervous when aiden starts coughing really bad too especially with his asthma. i'm so glad that her lungs were clear. i hope she gets back to 100% and that the sickies stay away from awhile!